Where are your ceramics made?

All our ceramics made in Grand Junction, Colorado at the incubation center. Everything is made in small batches and thoroughly inspected. All raw materials are sourced locally.

Can I shop Happy Roots pots in person?

We currently sell only online. We do occasionally sell at community fairs/markets in western Colorado, we will make public posts on social media about our attendance well in advance so make sure to follow us at @HappyRootsPlantPots.

Can I suggest a color or shape?

By all means please do, we love to get customer feedback and we offer a free set of pots and a shoutout if your suggestion is put into production. Contact us at info@happyrootsplantpots.com.

Can I resale these?

Yes, we encourage you to sell our pots! Please contact us for our press kit for promotional materials, and let us know to see how we can help! Contact us at admin@happyrootsplantpots.com to get special discounts and shipping rates.

Can I get a discount buying in bulk?

With a minimum order of 20 items we offer a 20% discount with the code MOREPLEASE applied at checkout.

Why does my pot looks a bit different from the product photo?

Each pot is handmade and glazed, there are slight variations in each and every pot; each is beautifully unique.

How do I care for my pot and liner?

The ceramic pot is relatively easy as they are dishwasher and food safe. They are very durable, much like tempered glass, care should be taken with the rims and edges, a crack can cause then entire pot to break. Avoid abrasive sponges that can dull or scratch the glaze surface.

The liner is made of a very durable rubber-like material that should withstand significant wear.

This pot is designed to last.


Why does it take so long to ship?

To be able to offer as many color, size and style combinations as we do, they must be made to order. This process usually only takes a three to five days, depending on which stage the current production is in.