About Us

Established in 2021, Happy Roots Pots sprouted out of Grand Junction, Colorado. Plant lovers Rikki and Marc struggled to find quality plant pots with proper drainage. Out of our love for nature, and passion for keeping living plants we decided to create a planter that has the appeal of a ceramic pot with plant care functionality in mind. Over the past year, we have gone through countless iterations and prototypes to achieve our goal. We have tested hundreds of glazes, techniques, and materials to develop the product we have today.

  • We believe in sustainable living. Every aspect is made in the United States keeping shipping to a minimum.

    The ceramic pot are created with non-toxic glazes that increase durability. No more flimsy, single-use plastic planters. Continue to reuse after your plant outgrows the planter. This is your forever planter.

  • Every aspect of our product is locally made, and crafted by hand. That includes the rubber liner, the protective bottom pad and the ceramic body. We ensure consistent products that each go through quality control tests. Designed by an artist, we understand the struggle, and aim to employ and promote local artists.

  • We have worked hard to eliminate waste and minimize the number of raw materials required to create this planter by sourcing locally where possible. Even our packaging is made of completely recyclable material. We are committed to maintaining ecological processes as we continue to scale in the future.

    We have set aside 5% of all profits to benefit the planet.