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Happy Roots Plant Pots

4" Black Curvy Ceramic Bottom Watering Plant Pot with Liner

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Keep your plants happy with this handmade double-lined, bottom-watering planter. The exterior pot is a sturdy, glazed ceramic while the interior liner is a removable flexible rubber.

Perfect for 3-3.5" plants.
Suitable for all types of plants including succulents and tropical. Water accordingly.
A padded bottom prevents the ceramic from scratching surfaces.

The innovation of this pot is the flexible liner which allows you to remove your plant from its glazed ceramic pot. The liner also helps aerate the soil, makes bottom watering a breeze, and allows plants to be removed and maintained. 

Please note, this is not meant to be a self-watering pot. Do not leave your plant in excess water for extended periods of time.

Simple Setup
Before use, place the provided drainage material into the bottom of the rubber liner before adding your soil and plant. This acts as a buffer against over-watering.

Easy Bottom-Watering
Pour water into the spout using the indication window as a gauge. The soil will soak up the water within a couple of hours. If excess water remains, remove the liner and pour out the water.

Better Plant Maintenance
The convenience of being removable and flexible also makes repotting, treating pests, and checking on the health of your soil and roots easier. You can also rinse your soil to wash away extra fertilizer and mineral build-up.

Available in 8 different standard colors and two different sizes. Slight glaze variations occur and should be expected. 

This plant pot is 100% handmade in our studio in Grand Junction, Colorado

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