Flexible Liner, Sturdy Pot

Paired with a sturdy ceramic exterior pot, the tough and flexible liner makes repotting a breeze.

Measure how much water is in your pot with the built-in water indication window.

The many aeration slots and drainage holes keep your soil healthy and allows you to quickly recover your plant if it's been overwatered.

  • Functional Plant Pants

    Easily remove your plant from it's pot. This is a double-lined planter that makes maintaining your plant easier and more accessible. You can now thoroughly rinse your soil without overwatering or making a mess. The flexible liner provides convenience and functionality.

  • The Benefits of Bottom-Watering

    Bottom-watering is a method of watering in which water is absorbed upwards, encouraging robust root growth, lessening your chances of over-watering and discourages fungus gnats by keeping the top soil dry. This pot lets you both top and bottom water easily.

  • A New Kind of Plant Pot

    They say form over function, but why sacrifice? Your plants deserve the best care they can get to keep them healthy, happy, and of course, looking good. That can take a lot of work. That is exactly what we've addressed - all the hassles of indoor gardening within a ceramic vessel.